Remembering Mohamed Bouazizi: The man who sparked the Arab Spring
The cemetery of unknown refugees from the Mediterranean


"I edit the BBC News Website's entrepreneurship and small business features. I recently commissioned Thessa to write a feature on the Tunisian wine industry. Thessa got in touch to pitch the idea, and then wrote an excellent feature ahead of the deadline. I would not hesitate to commission her again."

- Will Smale, Business reporter BBC News

“Thessa heeft nieuwe webteksten geschreven over het wetenschappelijk onderzoek en de onderzoeksorganisatie van het Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC). Ze schreef zowel teksten voor het grote publiek als voor peers, veelal Engelstalig. Dit deed ze in nauw overleg met haar projectteam en de verantwoordelijke wetenschappers. Thessa werkt planmatig, snel en zorgvuldig. Ze is heel zelfstandig, maar overlegt als het nodig is. En niet onbelangrijk... Thessa heeft een fijne, vlotte pen. Ik kan Thessa van harte aanbevelen aan iedereen die lastige (wetenschappelijke) materie wil laten omzetten in toegankelijke, begrijpelijke teksten.”

- Klaas Verweij, Hoofd online communicatie en redactie Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

"Thessa heeft zich voor het ANP bij herhaling bewezen als een kundig en gedreven journaliste. Zo leverde zij, tot volle tevredenheid, rond de verkiezingen in Tunesië en na de terreuraanslag in Sousse in juni 2015 uitgebreide en heldere berichtgeving."

- Rob van Rooijen, Chef ANP Nieuws (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau)

"Thessa Lageman was part of our campaigns and communications team at several instances in the last couple of years. She produced different materials for us, from in depth articles to online content. We have come to know her as very professional and thorough. Thessa has extensive knowledge of middle eastern subjects which she translates into approachable and informative texts."

- Saskia Grootegoed, Online Campagnes & Communicatie Manager Amnesty International

"Thessa is a conscientious hard worker. She puts a lot of effort in preparing for interviews, is modest but determined, calm but critical and works long hours without complaining. Furthermore she is a brave and independent journalist, that can be funny too."

- Wieneke Gunneweg, hoofdredacteur Erasmus Magazine, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

"Thessa and I have worked together several times; she has written interesting texts and proved to be always reliable and efficient. A pleasure to work with such a professional journalist. I will certainly come back to her when new opportunities appear!"

- Maria Gallo, Project Manager Tipik Communication Agency, Brussels

"Thessa has been an integral part of our content creation program for a major cruise line. Time and again, she’s shown us she can reliably manage the high volumes of very detailed content under deadline while meeting — and often exceeding — the high standards of both our client and our internal editing team. If you need an expert writer for travel content on Europe and the Middle East, there’s no question: Thessa should be at the top of your who’s-who list."

​- Jesse Mack, Senior Editorial Manager Skyword Content Marketing Platform.

"Thessa has been a valued contributor to Discover Benelux magazine since July 2016. She is a very skilled writer and adapted to our house style with ease. Quick to respond and reliable, she produces articles that are informative, accurate and a pleasure to read."

- Anna Villeleger, Editor-in-chief Discover Benelux magazine.